On the first day of the Festival, come to see the feature film The Jewish Cardinal, which has opened the Zagreb edition of the Festival in cinemas Europa and Tuskanac, where it attracted around 600 visitors. The Hollywood Reporter described it as “a fascinating tale told with uncommon depth and nuance”. The Independent stated it is “robust, sumptuously produced and impeccably cast!” 

The film is based on the true-life story of Jean-Marie Lustiger, who, born of Polish Jews, joined the Catholic priesthood and was appointed Archbishop of Paris. There, he openly celebrated his dual identity as a “Catholic Jew”, which brought him friends and enemies from both religions. Lustiger’s split allegiance is tested to the core when a group of Carmelite nuns decides to build a monastery on the edge of Auschwitz. Where will Lustiger stand?

The Jewish Cardinal has received the Grand Prix for best French TV drama at the Festival in Luchon. At the Festival in Monte Carlo, it was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor. Do not miss the opportunity to see the film which drew at lot attention in Zagreb. The film is schedule for June 9th at 21.00 hours at the Art-cinema Croatia.