direction: Bob Entrop

83 minutes

Monday, 9.6.



In this beautifully told and stylish road movie travels Roma radio reporter Orhan Galjus, born in Kosovo, along with filmmaker Bob Entrop through Germany, Poland and Kosovo. They try to discover why the Sinti and Roma people kept silent about the genocide committed on their people. During World War II nearly half a million of them were murderded. Step by step, Orhan finds that this part of the history of the Sinti and Roma is hidden – as a kind of treasure. He fears that future generations become alienated from their roots. What do these people – that for centuries lived in Europe – have do to be taken seriously? Why do they deny their origin, as at the time Picasso and Charlie Chaplin? What about the current generation of so-called “Gipsy’s”? Do they see the parallels between the persecution in history and exclusion and discrimination now? Does history repeat itself?